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Why Do People Snore?


Snoring may not be a nuisance for you, but only if you’re the one snoring. It can be a thorny problem for those around you while you sleep. Snoring is characterized by the hoarse sound that you make during your sleep. It usually occurs when your breathing is obstructed. This harsh sound is produced when air flows through the throat, causing vibration in the tissues.


There are several reasons why we snore. Mouth anatomy may have to something to do with it. Having a thick palate or enlarged tonsils can cause snoring due to the narrow airway. Being overweight can also cause narrowing of the airway. If the uvula (the tissue hanging from the soft palate) is elongated, it can cause obstruction of the airway and cause vibration. A deviation in the nasal septum (the partition between the nostrils) may also produce a hoarse sound during sleep. Moreover, too much alcohol consumed before bedtime may also cause snoring. Alcohol relaxes the tissues and muscles in the throat.


Sleep apnea may also bring about snoring. The tissues in the throat block the airway, which prevents one from breathing. Here, the snoring is characterized by loud hoarse sounds followed by silence when the breathing stops due to obstruction of the airway. The lack of oxygen will jolt the person awake, causing him to gasp or snort loudly.


To stop the snoring, most doctors recommend a change in sleeping positions. If that doesn’t work, he/she could suggest losing weight or avoiding alcohol before bedtime.